Ukraine: First Lady condemns Putin’s ‘mass murder’ of civilians in heartfelt letter

Ukraine's ambassador tells Russians in London to ‘Call NHS 111'

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The First Lady accused the Russian President of ‘mass murder of Ukrainian civilians’ and went on to pen a heartfelt tribute to the children who have been killed so far in the attacks by Russia. The letter entitled ‘I Testify’ was first released on Tuesday on Telegram, an encrypted messaging service also used by her husband President Volodymyr Zelensky to transmit his messages to his people.

The First Lady opened her letter stating that the events in Ukraine were ‘impossible to believe’ she continued to say “despite assurances from the Kremlin-backed propaganda outlets, who call this a ‘special operation’ – it is, in fact, the mass murder of Ukrainian civilians.”

Over the past few days, Olena Zelenska has used Instagram to pay special tribute to the children who have been killed in the conflict saying that this element is the “most terrifying and devastating” part of the war.

She said: “When Russia says that it is ‘not waging a war against civilians,’ I call out the names of these murdered children first.”

Seven-year-old Alisa Hlans died the day after her kindergarten was hit by a cluster bomb in Okhtyka despite her grandfather’s best efforts to protect her.

Kirill, an 18-month-old from Mariupol, Polina from Kyiv, 14-year-old Arseniy and six-year-old Sofia were also paid tribute to in Ms Zelenska’s Instagram post on Sunday that stated “at least 38 children have already died”.

The First Lady previously warned NATO members saying, “save our children, because tomorrow it will save yours”.

The open letter continued to focus on all children of the conflict in Ukraine: “the firstborn of the war, saw the concrete ceiling of the basement, their first breath was the acrid air of the underground, and they were greeted by a community trapped and terrorized.

“There are several dozen children who have never known peace in their lives”.

She concluded the letter with rallying support of the Ukrainian people who “do not give up” and “stand unparalleled in unity” and called on NATO for further support.

She declared: “While Kremlin propagandists bragged that Ukrainians would welcome them with flowers as saviours, they have been shunned with Molotov cocktails.”

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The First Lady thanked those who have “generously opened their borders to provide shelter for our women and children, thank you for keeping them safe, when the aggressor has rendered us unable to do so”.

The First Lady and her two children remain in Ukraine at an unknown location but are separated from the President who revealed yesterday that he is residing at the Presidential Palace once again.

The President and his family have been reported to be the top targets of mercenaries sent to assassinate them.

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