Ukraine refugee dumped by Brit lover says his ‘BS’ got her nicked for ’40 hours’

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A distraught refugee has returned to war-torn Ukraine after being dumped by a Brit bloke, as she claims his "bull****" got her thrown in jail.

British father-of-two Tony Garnett, from Bradford, and Sofiia Karkadym, 22, from Kyiv, started a four-month affair just 10 days after Sofiia moved into his home, alongside his ex and kids.

But it went sour, and last week police arrested her after a drunken row during which she allegedly rammed a kitchen knife into a wall and Tony declared he was ending the relationship.

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But in a chat with the Daily Star, blonde bombshell Sofiia said that Tony's version of events is "bull****".

"He broke up with me via text messages after an argument we had, without all this bull**** that he is saying about knives etc. He got me arrested for 'harassment' when I was trying to go back to our house, where I was in joint tenancy and trying to talk face-to-face."

Sofiia had reportedly been nicked after an initial domestic dispute, and the 22-year-old went on to risk being arrested again after she turned up again at the home of her former lover.

Tony reportedly decided to make contact with her once more after that, as he called her after hearing that she had been sobbing.

He told the Daily Mail: "I'm not heartless. I do feel sorry for her. But relationships do come to an end and this one is over. I hope we can be friends when all this hysteria has died down.

"I talked to her last night and told her that there was absolutely no chance of us getting back together."

He said he allowed her in to chat for 30 minutes, but added that she wasn't allowed to come back.

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Sofiia told The Star last week: "I am not okay to be honest, at all. What he did to me it’s disgusting. I didn’t expect that he could betray me so bad."

Expanding on her ordeal, Sofiia said police had her in custody for over 40 hours.

She said: "I spent 22 hours in a police station, they released me, didn't give me my phone, I had no money, no place where to go apart from dirty accomodation where they put me.

"I went to him again asking to stay there until the next day at least, because I was exhausted and scared and I have nobody apart from him in the UK. But he called the police again behind my back and they arrested me for 20 more hours."

Despite all of that, Mail Online reported last night, October 3, that Tony saw her off to Manchester Airport as she flew back to Ukraine via Poland.

Ms Karkadym told MailOnline at the airport: "I have booked a return ticket. I can only come back if Tony changes his mind, which I’m still hoping he will.

"There is no other man for me and I’ve asked him not to meet any other girls if he can help it because we might still be able to work it out. We can talk in the future.

"I love Tony more than words can tell you. I have told him that I am sorry that I have hurt him too."

Tony Garnett has been contacted for comment.


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