Ukraine ridicules the Russian navy on Twitter after humiliating loss of warship

The Ukrainian government has brilliantly trolled the Russian navy on Twitter, mocking them over the spectacular loss of one of their key warships.

Vladimir Putin’s regime admitted last night that the Moskva had been sunk in the Black Sea.

The Russians insist it had been put out of action by a fire on board and had then sunk during bad weather while it was under tow.

But the Ukrainians say they successfully struck it with Neptune missiles – a claim that Western observers believe is entirely credible.

Now the Ukrainian government has taken to social media, saying on Twitter: “The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine reminds the Russian navy that the Black Sea straits are closed for entry only. The part of your fleet that remains afloat still has a way out.”

The tweet is a reference to the fact that Turkey, which controls naval entry to the Black Sea, has banned any military vessels from heading into the sea during the war – but will allow any already in there to leave.

The loss of the Moskva represents a serious blow to the Russians. The ship – which attacked Snake Island early in the war, famously prompting the island’s heroic defenders to tell it to “Go f**k yourself” – was the main Russian vessel in the Black Sea.

It's been reported that the man responsible for the attack on Snake Island died in the attack on the Moskva.

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Reports suggest that after the ship was taken out, other Russian vessels headed out further from the shore as they are now more susceptible to Ukrainian attacks without the Moskva there to defend them.

The Ukrainian strike has been described as one of the most significant wartime sinkings since the Second World War, with the Ukrainians totally blindsiding the Russians by using a decoy, the weather and Neptune missiles.

The loss of the Moskva is just the latest humiliation for Putin during his invasion of Ukraine.

Despite causing widespread devastation of several cities amid multiple allegations of war crimes, his bungling forces have suffered devastating losses, and he spectacularly failed to achieve the lightning victory he originally expected.

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