Ukraine ‘tried to kill Putin’s top general in secret despite US saying don’t’

Ukraine was warned off killing one of Russian President Vladimir Putin's top generals by United States officials, it has been claimed.

During the war in Ukraine, Russia has lost several of its most important leaders who have been deployed on the frontline.

And it has now been claimed, by an anonymous US official speaking to the New York Times, that Ukraine tried to get the US to help with secret, behind-closed-doors missions to kill more top generals.

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However, the US official claimed: “We told them not to do it. We were like, ‘Hey, that’s too much'.”

The official claimed that the General being targeted was Valery Gerasimov.

The US found out that Gerasimov was going to the front line to find out why so many top leaders were being killed, and fed this information back to Ukraine – however, they didn't want to start a war with Russia so declined to kill him.

General Gerasimov is one of Putin's top men, and has helped him to organise the vast majority of the country's battle plans in Ukraine.

However, Ukraine ignored the warnings from the US, found out where he was and launched an attack on his position – several dozens of Russian soldiers were killed, but the General was not.

It was also claimed by the commander of one Russian unit that around 70% of his team have either died or fled.

He said: “In this whole time, nothing has changed.

“They have not learned – they have not drawn any conclusions from their mistakes.

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“Nobody is going to stay alive.

“One way or another, one weapon or another is going to kill you.”

According to, which claims to have accurate figures on Russian losses in Ukraine, 396,000 front-line soldiers have been lost in battle – with nearly 100,000 of those being killed.

Nearly 300,000 have been injured in battled so badly that they can no longer fight, while 1,000 of them have been captured as prisoners of war.

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