Ukraine war LIVE: Russian paratroopers facing massacre as Putin’s invasion plan in tatters

Ukraine: Russian tanks being blown up in Mariupol

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Dozens of Russian paratroopers were killed in just one failed attack on Ukraine’s Hostomel airport. Hundreds of others of Putin’s top military parachutists, including Major General Andrei Sukhovetsky, fell within the first three weeks of the war, too.

Taras Kuzio, an expert at the Henry Jackson Society security think tank, said the unpredicted failure is stalling Moscow’s invasion plans.

He told The Sun: “They (the paratroopers) are sent ahead of the main troops to secure a location so that the main forces can be brought up.

“In this war, they were flown into Hostomel airport near Kyiv to do this but were all killed.

“Two transport aircraft of paratroopers flying from Belarus to do the same tactic at another airport near Kyiv were shot out of the sky. 300 paratroopers were killed in the 2-transport aircraft.”


RT ‘not fin and proper’ for UK

Ofcom has revoked Kremlin-backed broadcaster Russia Today’s licence to broadcast in the UK with immediate effect, the British media regulator said.

It wrote in a statement: “We have done so on the basis that we do not consider RT’s licensee, ANO TV Novosti, fit and proper to hold a UK broadcast licence.”

14,200 Russian soldiers killed since start of Putin’s war, Ukraine says

On day 23 of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, an estimated 14,200 Russian soldiers are said to have been killed since the start of the conflict.

The figure, brought by the Ukrainian defence ministry, is a rare glimpse into the number of lives taken by the war so far, as keeping track of the losses is proving challenging.

On March 3, in a rare update, Moscow claimed 498 of its troops had been killed in combat. It was the only time it released figures.

Meanwhile, US officials said on Thursday the number of Russian casualties could well be over 7,000 – with up to 14,000 wounded.

The deaths include four Russian generals, one of whom, Gen Mityaev, was according to Ukrainian media killed near Mariupol. It sparked questions over why such senior members of the military are so close to the front line.

Ukraine also claimed to have taken down 450 Russian tanks, 93 aircraft and 112 helicopters, as well as disabled 43 anti-aircraft systems.

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