Ukrainian soldier smiles gleefully as he looks at captured Russian tank burn – VIDEO

Ukrainian soldiers smile next to burning Russian tank

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The video was filmed by Ukraine’s 25th Airborne Brigade, who are believed to be involved in the attack on the Russian tank. The footage shows a Russian tank engulfed in flames, burning in the middle of a Ukrainian forest. The war in Ukraine has been raging for over four months and peace talks between the two neighbouring countries have halted.

The video footage filmed by Ukrainian servicemen zooms into a Russian tank which is engulfed in flames.

The tank continues to burn as the camera pans over to one of the soldiers, who is pointing at the lid of the tank which appears to still be smoking after being blown off on impact.

The soldier then smiles at the camera appearing to be elated with the assault on Russian troops and puts his thumb up.

The camera then pans back to the inflamed tank which on closer inspection shows two Russian soldiers still sitting in the engulfed vehicle, unresponsive and burning.

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Users on Twitter have been reacting to the footage.

One user @JamesLLandis said: “Tanks don’t do well in forests…. especially without infantry support.”

@DethVeggie said: “If only someone could have possibly predicted that trying to drive a tank through a thick forest full of well-armed enemies might end badly.”

@KrabbyKoder said: “They never back up their armour with infantry to cover these threats.”

@Reactordrone said: “It’s coming out of the Commander’s and gunner’s hatches.”

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@MyMallison5199 said: “Doing awesome! Remember safety first, keep your heads down, eyes and ears open, always! #SlavaUkraine”

@GeorgeWHerbert said: “David Attenborough narration: “Here in its home territory of the forest, the T-72 attains its most natural form, if only for a few minutes.”

@MikeSmith559 said: “Who wants a barby?”

@IndyBarby said: “Love you guys!! 25th Airborne!! ROCK ON!”


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A report published by the UK-based International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) claimed Russia had lost multiple tanks.

Illia Ponomarenko, Defence Reporter with the Kyiv Independent said: “How many tanks does Russia have now? How many more it can throw in against Ukraine?”

“Let’s think over what we know.

“Military Balance 2021 says before the 2022 invasion Russia had a total of 3,330 operational tanks: Т-72s, T-80s, T-90s, up to the latest versions T-72B3Ms, T-80BVMs, or T-90Ms.”

 “So this means Russia has lost between 25 percent (a very conservative estimate) and 50 percent (an optimistic estimate) in its springtime cringe-krieg and the battle of Donbas.

“The lower-bound estimate of the lost tanks is still the size of the tank corps of Britain, Germany, Italy, and France combined.

He added: “Yep, that’s the world’s second military power definitely winning its 72-hour special military operation against a bunch of junkies and neo-Nazis, for sure. The day is 137.”


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