Ukrainians warn Russia to surrender or ‘fertilise our soil’ in sinister leaflets

Ukrainian soldiers have been handing out sinister leaflets around key areas of the embattled country giving some very blunt advice to Russian invaders.

Posters emerged on Ukrainian Telegram channels showing how Russian soldiers are being warned about ending up being used to “fertilise the Ukrainian black soil".

One of the morbid black and white posters, which have a range of designs, shows a bowl of hot food with a smartphone next to it.

On the phone screen it reads “MAMA”.

The writing in Russia states: “THINK.

“Capture is life – you will be fed and get to call your mom.

“Ukrainian people give you a chance.”

And another one reads: “Russian soldier – your pass to life.

“How to surrender properly.

“1. Throw your weapons aside.

“2. Get straight.

“3. Raise your hands up.

“4. The white flag will also come down.

“5. Loudly shout 'surrender', and surrender to the nearest checkpoint.”

This poster also has a phone number for any Russian soldiers to call, too.

And a third poster reads: “Think: Give up so you don't die at the hands of Kadyrovs (Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of the Chechen Republic) and others.

“Ukrainian people give you a chance”.

The posters come just a few days after we reported on terrified Russian soldiers locking themselves in a tank as they were mocked in German by a grenade-toting Ukrainian soldier.

In footage circulating online, the Ukrainian troop records himself as he mounts the tank and torments its occupants, greeting them in German with "good morning Russian pig soldiers."

As he walks across the top of the tank, his camera picks up the infamous 'Z' mark painted onto the vehicle.

The letter is being used as a symbol of support for Russia’s invasion, after experts initially theorised it was to mark where Kremlin tanks were headed.

It is believed the soldier is speaking German as a reference to Vladimir Putin telling his invading forces they were going to Ukraine to "de-Nazifi" the country.

The clip comes as it was claimed that Ukrainian forces are "decimating" their Russian counterparts, as Vladimir Putin's invasion is "failing under pressure", according to one of the UK's top admirals.

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