Unifor establishes ‘illegal’ blockades around Co-op facilities in Yorkton: FCL

Unifor has established more blockades at two Co-op facilities in Yorkton, Sask., according to the Federated Co-operatives Ltd (FCL).

FCL said Unifor is using vehicles to prevent access to Legacy Co-op’s cardlock location and FCL’s bulk petroleum plant.

Both facilities are used to distributed fuel to farms and businesses in the area.

“Unifor continues its use of illegal blockades despite the mediation process being contingent on no illegal activity,” said Heather Ryan, FCL vice-president of human resources.

“It’s difficult to accept Unifor’s sincerity and commitment to the bargaining process when we see these tactics taking place during the mediation process.”

FCL said they are considering legal options and have notified local RCMP.

Co-op and Unifor began special mediation with Vince Ready began on Feb. 18. FCL said more meetings are scheduled for early March.

Labour action began on Dec. 5, 2019, after Unifor issued a strike notice, followed by Co-op locking out its workers.

A division of Unifor represents some Global News employees.

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