US dad captures moment king-size alligator eats another for lunch

Incredible footage of an alligator being devoured whole has taken social media by storm.

A father in the US filmed the shocking moment a giant alligator rose up from under the water to snatch up the “smaller” 1.8m long reptile from the bank.

Twitter user Taylor Soper said the footage worthy of National Geographic was taken in his parents’ backyard, and credited his father for the video.

“This happened in my parents’ backyard today. The snack is a 6ft gator. My dad captures some good stuff all credit to him but he doesn’t have social media,” he said.

The footage came barely day after another incredible ‘gator clip out of Florida showed a military veteran trapping a swamp-dweller on his front lawn.

The tense video showed the man staring down his unwanted visitor before forcing it into a wheelie bin, much to the pleasure of thousands of social media users.

Eugene Bozzi told USA Today his children alerted him to an alligator roaming the neighbourhood and he was shocked to discover the size of the reptile.

He then grabbed a container bin and steered the alligator into it before very smoothly closing the lid.

Bozzi walked the bin down to a body of water where he released the alligator, before running back to safety.

“This Florida Man has won the internet for the Month of September,” one social media user wrote.

“The man had socks and slides on. That’s the official uniform of The Florida Man,” another wrote.

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