US election 2020: Joe Biden’s key advantage over Hillary Clinton that could clinch victory

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Joe Biden’s margins in key US states suggest that he is “poised to win” the US presidency on November 3, according to a former White House Chief of Staff. Mack McLarty, who was former President Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff, spoke to LBC about why the current Democratic nominee had a better chance than his predecessor, Hillary Clinton. However, Mr McLarty did add that Donald Trump’s supporters are making a “fair point” as to why the election outcome might go the other way.

He told LBC: “The polls would certainly suggest broadly that Vice President Biden has the wind at his back.

“But I think after 2016, the Trump camp makes a fair point.

“All pollsters are a bit reticent on their predictions.

“But there a couple of difference – one being that the polls have stayed steadier for Vice President Biden than they were for Secretary Clinton in 2016.”

Mr McLarty continued: “Number two is that Vice President Biden’s margin, not only nationally but in these key swing states that reflect our Electoral College, he has a wider lead.

“A much bigger gap than Secretary Clinton had, in fact.

“That would suggest that Vice President Biden is not only poised to win the popular election, which of course Hillary Clinton did four years ago, but also to win the Electoral College.

“And therefore he would be poised to win the Presidency.”

Mr Biden is still favoured to win Tuesday’s presidential election, with poll aggregator FiveThirtyEight declaring a 6.5-point advantage overall for him.

However, President Trump does appear to be gaining on the Democratic candidate.

In Florida, one of the handful of crucial battleground states, Trump has cut Biden’s lead to a single point, according to FiveThirtyEight.

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Florida, in particular, is a vital swing state for the incumbent leader.

He had won it from Mrs Clinton in 2016 by 1.2 points.

Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin are also so-called ‘Blue Wall’ states that President Trump had stolen from the Democrats in the last election.

Both candidates will be seeking to clinch these key victories on election night.

Early votes in some states will be tallied through the day on November 3, meaning a declaration is possible before midnight if the race is not too close.

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