US ‘turning against’ Harry while Hollywood ‘could fall back’, expert says

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    A royal expert has claimed that the American people have started turning on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry over their new Netflix documentary as their complaints are "tone deaf."

    US-based royal commentator Victoria Arbiter told The Royal Beat some of the claims about being hard-done-by made by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex haven't gone down well with people struggling with financial woes.

    In the documentary, the couple who stepped down from their roles as working royals in May 2020, claimed they received a lack of support from the Firm and compared the treatment of Meghan to Harry's mother Princess Diana.

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    The expert said the US was more sympathetic at first but they were recently mocked on Saturday Night Live for complaints they were making from a "life of wealth and privilege".

    Arbiter explained: "Overall the US has been quite sympathetic to Harry and Meghan since they arrived a couple of years ago, but over the last couple of weeks, there’s been a slight change in the tide.

    "You’ve had a number of the morning show anchors being a little bit critical and the couple were mocked on Saturday Night Live.

    "I think it speaks to the fact that there has just been such a saturation of all the ways that Harry and Meghan feel hard done by, and it becomes increasingly difficult to feel sorry for someone when they appear to be leading such a life of wealth and privilege.

    "There’s a point where you wonder how tone-deaf this is when there’s a war going on when people are wondering how they’re going to feed their families and heat their homes.

    "At some point, I think people are losing patience, and they’re going to continue to lose patience, and we still have a book to go.”

    Comedic legends Steve Martin and Martin Short for SNL likened themselves to Harry and Meghan in a cheeky jab after the first three episodes were released last week.

    During their opening monologue, the pair celebrated Steve’s staggering 16 times hosting the show compared to Martin’s slightly less impressive three.

    Martin then remarked: “You know, Steve, we are like Harry and Meghan. No one’s rooting for us, but you’ll tune in to watch anyway.”

    Victoria said the TV show's mockery could be a sign that Hollywood was falling back in their support, which will make others follow suit.

    She continued: “Hollywood is notorious for avoiding negativity like the plague – they don’t like anything that could potentially harm the glimmer and stardust.

    "It’s going to be quite interesting to see if this slightly less sympathetic approach to Harry and Meghan continues if Hollywood starts to fall back.

    "It was interesting that there were a number of people not included in this series that perhaps you would have heard from – whether it was Oprah or Gayle King or the Obamas or the Clooneys, there’s a lot of people that they didn’t call on.

    "I suspect that Harry and Meghan are going to want to continue the work of their foundation, to promote their charitable endeavours but what kind of cache do they have once they’ve sold out all of their royal stories?”

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    However, the documentary has quickly become one of Netflix’s biggest releases of the year after it smashed the streamer’s UK record within just 24 hours.

    It managed to surpass previous record holder The Crown, which pulled in 1.1 million viewers for the first episode of season five, by more than double.

    Episode one reached a staggering 2.4 million views on Smart TV devices, according to data provided by [via Deadline].

    Episode two pulled in 1.5 million streams, with episode three achieving 800,000 views within the first two days of release.

    The latest episodes became available to watch on Netflix on December 15.


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