Verhofstadt backlash after ANOTHER United States of Europe demand – ‘Thank God UK’s left’

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Yesterday he was at it again, tweeting a picture of the cover of his 2005 book, and commenting: “15 years ago, I wrote The United States of Europe – calling for a Hamilton moment in European politics so that Europe can finance itself properly and can be more than the sum of its parts.” In an apparent reference to a proposal by France and Germany to create a £500billion rescue fund to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, he added: “Hopefully, the Macron-Merkel proposal will deliver this historic leap forward.”

So much for the lies we were consistently fed ‘Oh it’s just an Economic Community’

Ernie Warrender

However, his comment was given short shrift by many fellow Twitter users.

Allie Jay said: “All I can say to that is THANK GOD we have left.”

Ernie Warrender added: “So much for the lies we were consistently fed ‘Oh it’s just an Economic Community’.

“Not for us, thank you and I think you might find more, for whom this is a step too far.”

Stuart Gavaghan, meanwhile, questioned how united Europe actually was.

He asked: “United? The UK’s left. Norway and Switzerland don’t want to join.

“Greece bankrupt. Italy burning EU flags. France and Spain protesting for over a year.

“Police brutality in France, Spain and Belgium. Many countries in crippling debt already.

“What do you understand by ‘United’?”

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Graham Topping commented: “Well, that went well @guyverhofstadt. You’ve lost one of the EU’s largest contributors…

“Might as well have called it what it really was – The EUSSR…You cannot have a Federal Europe… It didn’t work for Russia…”

Another user added: “If there was ever a tweet that demonstrated why the British are better off out, then this is surely it.”

And, another Twitter user simply replied to Belgian national Mr Verhofstadt with one word: “NEXIT!”

Mr Verhofstadt’s book was awarded the first Europe Book Prize, organised by the EU-sponsored cultural association Esprit d’Europe and backed by Jacques Delors, former President of the European Commission.

He once again outlined his vision for Europe during a speech at the Liberal Democrats’ annual conference last year.

He said: “In the world order of tomorrow, the world order of tomorrow is not a world order based on nation states or countries, it’s a world order that is based on Empires, China is not a nation, it’s a civilisation.”

Mr Verhofstadt courted controversy at last year’s Liberal Democrat party conference when he appeared to suggest the EU was an “empire”.

He said:  “The world of tomorrow is a world of empires, in which we Europeans and you British can only defend your interests, your way of life by doing it together in a European framework and a European Union.”

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