Viewers confused on where Queen’s coffin is as BBC coverage cuts away

People watching coverage of the Queen's funeral have been left confused as to where her coffin ended up after BBC coverage cut away.

Viewers watching on as the Queen was lowered into the Royal Vault after the service at St George's Chapel were concerned as to where the coffin was being sent to.

The resting place of Her Majesty is currently the Royal Vault, where it will stay before a private service later tonight.

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The coffin was lowered into the vault during the service after her instruments of state, the crown, orb and sceptre, were removed from atop the coffin as her titles were read out.

The Queen's coffin will remain in the Royal Vault until its proper burial in the King George VI Memorial Chapel later today.

But some users watching at home were confused as to where the coffin had ended up, with the broadcast coverage cutting away from the lowering ceremony.

One user took to Twitter and wrote: "I don’t know if it was the same footage on every channel but the one I was watching you didn’t see the coffin lowered into the vault… wonder if that was a deliberate decision."

The mystery of where the coffin ended up unravelled for a handful of social media users who expressed their concerns as to where the coffin ended up.

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Replying to the initial question of whether it was a "deliberate decision" to not show the lowering, another user wrote: "When coffin lowered down, camera show pastor or royal family. I ask it too, It is the rules?".

Another user wrote: "How is that lowered? Mind blown."

The mind-blowing lowering of the coffin marks the end of Queen Elizabeth II's reign as Monarch, with Lord Chamberlain breaking the stick of office over the coffin moments before it descended.

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