Vladimir Putin rattled as oligarchs abandon Russian leader over Ukraine ‘He’s ticked off’

Putin 'ticked off' at oligarchs says ex-KGB undercover agent

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Former KGB undercover agent Jack Barsky believes Putin is becoming increasingly angered at Russian oligarchs who are abandoning him over the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine. It comes after Putin appeared to brand oligarchs who did not support the invasion as a “fifth column” within Russia. 

CNN presenter Don Lemon said: “Russian President Vladimir Putin is now attacking his own people listen to what he said today about Russians who dare to sympathise with Ukraine or the West.”

It comes after Putin said in an address: “They will try to bet on the so-called fifth column on traitors on those who earn their money here, but live over there, live not in the geographical sense, but in the way they think, with the mindset of a slave.

“These people cannot live without oysters and gender freedom.”

Mr Lemon added: “I found some of them frankly terrifying. He discussed the necessity of a natural self-cleansing of society. He describes people who dare to oppose him as flies to be spit out.”

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Mr Barsky said: “You know who he was attacking, though he wasn’t attacking ordinary people he was attacking some of the oligarchs.

“The ones that that live most mostly in London.

“He’s ticked off at them because they used to be in his camp and all of a sudden, because of the lifestyle being threatened they are sort of leaving him.

“One of the oligarchs even put a premium on his head that really got him ticked off.”

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It comes as an aristocrat who was once married to a close associate of Putin has warned the Russian leader is ready to trigger a nuclear conflict with the West. 

Countess Alexandra sole with Nick Ferrari on LBC about the potential use of nuclear weapons by Russia. 

“I hardly want to express my greatest fear but I suppose it’s nuclear war,” Countess Alexandra said.

“He’s capable of that – his narcissistic streak?” Mr Ferrari asked.


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“He is capable,” Countess Alexandra said.

“So we’re dealing with a narcissistic psychopath, which is pretty frightening,” Mr Ferrari said. “If [Putin] is dying, I feel like he would think ‘right, well everyone’s going to die with me’.

“There’s a famous news segment in the Russian news where a news presenter says ‘well, if Russia’s not going to be in the world, then nobody’s going to be in the world,’ and I feel that’s his view.

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