Vladimir Putin unleashes direct nuclear warning to NATO

Former US Army chief exposes ‘three things’ Putin needs to do in Ukraine war

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Putin warned that he was considering the United Kingdom’s nuclear capabilities as part of his response to the West’s alleged aggression. In his interview, Putin condemned the West’s actions towards Russia, stating that the country had been subjected to a series of hostile actions, including sanctions and military buildups, that were intended to weaken and undermine it. Putin’s remarks have sparked concern among Western leaders, who have warned against any aggressive actions by Russia towards the UK or other countries. The UK’s Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has stated that the country is fully prepared to defend itself against any potential threat.


‘Unexplained explosions’ hit Russian ammo cache, fuel depots and steel works

At least 14 explosions have been reported in and around the Russian-occupied city of Mariupol since February 21, 2023, according to information given by the UK Ministry of Defence. The explosions have taken place at a number of locations, including two fuel depots, a steel mill that Russia employs as a base, and an ammunition cache at the airfield. Mariupol is notable for being at least 80 kilometers from the front line; therefore, the MoD states that Russia might be concerned that these unexplained explosions are occurring in a region that it had previously thought was beyond the capabilities of routine Ukrainian strike capacity.

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