Weapons suspect mocked as people ask ‘was he off to Battle of Hastings?’

A man has been mercilessly mocked online after he was arrested and police found an array of strange "medieval" weapons in his bedroom.

Merseyside Police said on Twitter yesterday that they had detained a 26-year-old man after reports of a disturbance at an address in Liverpool.

But it was the weapons they found at an address in the north of the city that caught the eye of Twitter users.

Police said they found "a number of weapons [that] were recovered in the man’s bedroom which included BB Guns, a decommissioned firearm and an assortment of knives."

Among the weapons seen in a photo shared by the force, a series of "medieval" armaments were honed in on by those responding to the tweet.

"Were was he going, The Battle of Hastings?" said one person, referencing the apparent age of some of the weapons.

"Man was carrying a Spartan sword from 300," said another, in reference to a thick sword that looked like one from the movie starring Russell Crowe.

Another person added: "Man's out there carrying medieval weaponry! All he's missing is some chainmail and a trebuchet."

"Did they not find his time machine?" said another.

Police also found "a small quantity of suspected drugs."

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Detective Inspector Nick Suffield said: “This is just one example of the high level of threat officers face when responding to emergencies to protect our communities.”

“Thanks to their bravery several dangerous weapons that could have endangered the lives of others have been taken off our streets.”

“We have unfortunately in recent months seen the catastrophic consequences of knife crime on Merseyside. We simply will not stand by and allow people to carry knives and threaten the safety of themselves and others.”

“We are committed to removing knives and all dangerous weapons from our streets and putting the people prepared to carry them before the courts.

“We have also carried out regular stop searches, warrants and open land searches to locate knives and ensure those who store, carry and use them are brought to justice."

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