Wee village in the Highlands plans for blast off with its own spaceport

A small village in the Scottish Highlands that has one pub, one hotel, one school, three shops, a lone bus route and no police station or hospital plans on being Britain's first base for space.

The tiny village of Unst is Britain’s most northerly inhabited island and is closer to Norway than Aberdeen and home to fewer than 650.

Edinburgh rocket company Skyrora announced this week it had signed a deal to launch satellites from the former Saxa Vord radar base on the island.

It wants to send its 23-metre 56-ton XL rocket into space from 2022 with up to 16 launches a year by 2030 and as an added bonus it is expected to create 140 jobs locally.

n its peak in 1871, during the herring boom, Unst had a population of 2,269 but its fortunes declined with the closure of the radar early warning station in 2005.

Located further north than Moscow, sheep outnumber locals and the nearest railway station is in Bergen, Norway.

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