Weightlifter drops barbell on neck trying daring lift – then ‘violently shakes’

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A weightlifter was injured when he lifted a heavy barbell above his head before collapsing to the floor and dropping it on the back of his neck.

The young man was injured while training at a gym in Fortaleza, Brazil on June 24, and reports suggested he now requires surgery.

Footage of the accident shows the victim, who did not want to be named, lifting a barbell off the floor, successfully bringing it to his chest, but encountering trouble when he tries to raise it above his head.

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He gets it up but the weight overwhelms him and he drops the barbell.

The heavy weight lands on the back of his neck with a sickening bounce.

The footage finishes with the gym user lying flat on the floor screaming in agony and appearing to shake violently.

A spokesperson for Box Colosso, the gym where he trained, told local media he is due to undergo surgery.

The gym also sent their well wishes to the gym user and his family saying: “The Box Colosso family, in solidarity with the MCSX student, through this note, wishes strength.

"And asks all crossfit students, alumni, and fans to pray for the health of our athlete, who unfortunately suffered an accident.

"The Colosso family is continuing to support him and do everything possible to help him. We also pray for his recovery.”

Crossfit is a high-intensity sport that incorporates gymnastics, aerobic exercise and Olympic weightlifting.

The young man is still recovering in a hospital in Fortaleza according to reports in Brazil.

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Writing on Instagram, a Box Colosso admin wrote that the athlete's recovery is "a miracle".


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