Welsh national park advertised to tourists as ‘sex area’ in translation mix-up

Officials in Snowdonia National Park were left red-faced after a mistranslation of Welsh saw tourists told it is a popular ''sex area''

The social media post was trying to ask if people intended to visit Ogwen Valley "in the near future."

It read: "Ydych chi'n bwriadu ymweld ag ardal Ogwen rhyw ben?" (are you intending to visit the Ogwen area in the near future?).

But Facebook's translation software was apparently confused by the word rhyw – which when used as a stand alone word means sex.

Snowdonia (Yr Wyddfa in Welsh) is the highest mountain in Wales and England and is hugely popular with hikers.

It is one of the most famous and recognisable landmarks in the area and stands above the village of Llanberis.

But the Welsh language caused the social media site to offer something quite different to tourists visiting the area.

Facebook's automatic translation meant that English-speaking visitors saw "are you intending to visit the Ogwen area sex?"

Embarrassed parks chiefs quickly recognised the mistake and apologised for the automatic translation.

Snowdonia National Park Authority responded online, saying: "Oh dear! Seems that the Facebook translate version has come up with something a bit different to the original Welsh version!

"Apologies for any offence caused!"

Facebook users saw the funny side with one person commenting: "There'll be a welcome in the hillsides…"

Another said: "I had no idea that was the expected code of behaviour in the area. I will take note."

A third added: "I wasn't intending on visiting soon but I'm considering it now, sounds interesting."

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