Whoopi Goldberg kicks out climate activists during The View interview

The View: Whoopi Goldberg has climate change protesters removed

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Republican Senator Ted Cruz was cut off during an interview on the American talk show The View, claiming how much Joe Biden’s administration has ruined the economy, with the inflation at the highest level in 40 years. But climate activists interrupted him, shouting: “Government funding now!” The View’s host Whoopi Goldberg took matters in her own hands and forced them out of the building.

As the interview was drowned out by the climate activists’ chant, Whoopi Goldberg said: “Ladies! Excuse us! Let us do our job!

“We hear what you have to say but you’ve got to go.

“You have to let us do our job,” she said under a torrent of applause from the audience.

Former Donald Trump White House official and co-host Sunny Hostin replied to the protesters: “We do cover climate here, guys!”

The youth climate group Sunrise Movement later claimed responsibility for “interrupting demagogue Ted Cruz to call out ABC for only having SIX HOURS of climate coverage during all of 2021.”

Senator Cruz joked: “I couldn’t hear what they were protesting.”

Republican senator Ted Cruz, one the most vocal critics of the Democratic Party, was the show to discuss his new book entitled “Justice Corrupted – How the Left Weaponized Our Legal System”.

But the interview quickly shifted to the November midterm elections, with The View’s co-host Sara Haines confronting Senator Cruz about women’s abortion rights that have “fluctuated from state to state” since the Supreme Court overruled a landmark judicial decision that protected women’s abortion rights at the federal level.

Senator Cruz, who is travelling across the US on a 17-state bus tour, brushed the abortion issue aside and drew the audience’s attention to the cost of living crisis that is crippling Americans’ finances.

He said: “People are hurting. Lives of working men and women across this country have gotten really hard.

“There are seniors who have seen their 401Ks drop 20-25-30 percent in the last two years. They can’t afford food, rent and their mortgage. They can’t afford basic expenses.

“And people are upset. The highest inflation in 40 years is making people’s lives a lot harder. When you see someone wait in line to fill up the tank in their gas and they can’t fill it up – they’ve got to put 10 dollars or 20 dollars in – people are hurting.”

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Senator Cruz added: “If you look at the polls in pretty much any state in the country, inflation is the number one issue. Crime is the number two issue. And illegal immigration is the number three issue. And in all three of those, this administration’s agenda has been a train wreck.”

The race to gain or secure the House of Representatives and the Senate is heating for both Democrats and Republicans ahead of the imminent midterm elections. Democrats currently hold both chambres, with a 50-50 split in the Senate that Vice-President Kamala Harris has consistently broken with a tie-breaking vote.

While Republicans appeared closer to regaining control of both chambers, the overruling of abortion rights at the federal level – engineered by the Republicans’ decades-long fight to take over the Supreme Court – has placed both parties neck and neck in the last stretch of the race. 

Republicans hold a razor-thin 0.5 percent lead over Democrats with 45.1 percent against 44.6 percent for their opponents, according to polls aggregator FiveThirtyEight.

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