William showed body language signals of ‘panic’ at Harry’s wedding – expert

Prince William displayed three signals at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding that hinted he might have been worried about the future, a body language expert has claimed.

Meghan joined the Royal Family when she married Harry at a lavish ceremony in St George’s Chapel in Windsor in 2018.

But less than two years later, the couple stepped back as senior royals and moved to the US to start a new life and have since candidly spoken about the struggles they faced within the Firm.

Now, a body language expert has studied footage of the Sussexes’ wedding closely, and suggested that the Duke of Cambridge displayed three subtle gestures that hinted he was nervous at the time.

In a video titled ‘3 hidden panic signals that William displayed at Harry’s wedding’, Jesus Enrique Rosas claimed that it was William who was "nervous" on the day and not his brother.

Speaking on his The Body Language Guy YouTube channel, he suggested that the first signal arose while William accompanied his brother into the church, as he clenched and unclenched his right fist multiple times.

Jesus explained that William was stretching his fingers and releasing them, saying: “Basically, tensing any muscle and then releasing them helps relax the body. And I think that’s exactly what he was doing here.”

The second signal, Jesus alleged, could be spotted inside the church, while William and Harry were sitting next to each other awaiting Meghan’s arrival.

“We saw a totally different William when he was looking away from Harry,” Jesus suggested.

“You can clearly see that William is clenching his jaw. It is easy to see the muscles tense, and how he presses and releases them.

“It’s the same pressing and release of the hands before entering the cathedral.”

Finally, the body language expert spotted a moment where William glanced in the direction of Harry, but without moving his head, and while pursing his lips.

He added: “Usually when you are relaxed, you have no problem moving your head and your eyes at the same time.

“But when you use just your eyes to look to one side, it can be a very subtle signal of nervousness, or being uncomfortable or trying not to draw much attention towards you.”

The expert did note, however, that for a full picture, a number of factors should be considered as well as body language.

“The richness of body language lies in the possibility of comparing body, voice, facial and even dress code signals to have a better profile of what’s going on with the person,” he stressed.

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