Woman, 28, left paralysed by chiropractor appointment she nearly cancelled

A woman has been left paralysed after a routine appointment with her chiropractor that she very nearly cancelled.

Caitlin Jensen, 28, was in the middle of a neck adjustment when she had a horrifying reaction that led to the blood supply to her brain being cut off.

The recent university graduate had read her mum's last texts just 21 minutes before being struck by a stroke that has left her unable to talk, walk, eat or even breathe without assistance.

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Mum Darlene Jensen, 49, says her daughter is struggling through the paralysis, with the 49-year-old now sleeping on a pull-out bed in Caitlin's room in case she chokes on her own saliva.

Speaking of the fateful day, Darlene said: "I just thought she’s probably got vertigo or something. It just never occurred to me that it was a serious issue so I just said, 'you know I’m gonna run up and check on her. I’ll be back in a little bit'."

But the severity of the situation surprised Darlene, who had shown up to the chiropractor to see her daughter being loaded into an ambulance.

Caitlin's neck adjustment had resulted in a vertebral artery dissection, which caused a stroke and subsequent rapid decline.

The 28-year-old was then put on a ventilator at Shepherd Center in Atlanta, USA.

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Darlene said that her daughter had been thinking of cancelling her appointment as she didn't believe she needed it, but the mum told her daughter not to cancel last minute.

Caitlin's cognitive abilities have thankfully been spared, The Mirror reported, with her mum currently working through the alphabet.

She can also nod, give the thumbs up and mouth things and has been helped with communication by two support dogs.

A GoFundMe has raised nearly £84,200 ($100,000) to support Caitlin as she continues a series of therapies in hospital.

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