Woman falls asleep with front door open – but neighbour saves the day on camera

A woman shared a heartwarming video to praise a kind man after she fell asleep with her front door open.

Ashley Chaney, from Los Angles in US, said her neighbour's unexpected move left her feeling secure despite she made a major mistake.

She posted a doorbell security camera footage on TikTok and said: "I love humans and when security camera footage documents the best of them!"

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A few seconds into the clip shows a man walking towards the door.

He waves and points at the front door, which has been left open, then whispers to the camera: "I'm closing your door.

"You guys have a lovely night. Good morning."

The man gently pushes the door to lock it and waves goodbye as he walks away.

Ashley explained to her viewers and wrote: "I've been stressed lately, and accidentally went to sleep with my front door open."

Calling her neighbour a "sweet stranger", she said he came back at around 3 o'clock in the morning.

Viewers were in awe and appreciated the man being so considerate to his neighbour.

One was impressed by his gentle voice and said: "Did he just…tuck your house in bed?"

A second wrote: "Guardian angel stopping by!"

"He just put your freaking house to sleep, and so calmly too," a third also agreed

Some said they might not feel comfortable to do the same if they were in his shoes.

"If I walked by somebody's house and their door was wide open, I would be scared something bad happened," a person confessed.

Another added: "Same! I would be calling the cops!"

Ashley said she now stays up every night to wait for the man walks by so she could say thanks in person.

She put up a sign outside her door, trying to see if the man could see the message.

The sign read: "Your video went viral on TikTok and the people want to meet you."

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