Woman films ‘rude’ neighbour dumping leaves over fence to keep garden ‘spotless’

A young woman was frustrated when they caught their neighbour dumping leaves into the garden.

Maddy, who moved from Australia to London, said the problem happens every year when it comes to Autumn season.

Posting on TikTok for help, she secretly films her neighbour collecting the leaves from his garden and gathering all in a bin bag.

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Then he dumps it over the fence to her side of the garden.

"You guys, leafgate 2.0! He has dumped the leaves again into the yard," Maddy says while showing a pile of leaves leaning by the fence.

She quickly pans the camera over to show her neighbour's "spotless" garden, adding: "This is outrageous.

"Not only is it rude as f*** but I just spoke to the council and they said it's illegal.

"What should we do next?"

Some suggested Maddy to cut the tree but she's only been renting the place and her landlord did not agree to pay for it.

She decided to bring her "negotiator" housemate Chris and talked to their next door neighbour.

Feeling nervous about the confrontation, they knocked on the man's door and Chris tried to explain the situation to him.

He said: "We are from the side house and basically just wondering it looks like you've been putting the leaves you've collected from your garden into ours."

The man can be heard denying: "Uh I haven't, there's been quite a bit of leaves falling but I haven't.

"I've been putting them in my waste bin, just got two new bags.

"There is branches and things like that from your tree, you ash tree and I just put them back over into your place."

And Chris continued: "Okay because it's very strange – we've actually spoken to the council about this and like leaves and debris that fall down shouldn't actually put back into the neighbour's garden because that's just nature.

"And that tree has been there many, many years."

The man interrupted and then said: "I apologise completely."

Viewers were happy for them and praised Chris for handling the situation gracefully.

One added: "The man sounded very reasonable and gave a sincere apology, fairs."


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