Woman found with bloody hands ‘stabbed husband to death and severed his penis’

A woman stabbed her husband to death and hacked off his penis before plunging the knife into his eyeball, according to police in Argentina.

Florencia Amado Cattaneo, 41, was arrested after allegedly severing her horn-playing husband's genitals in a frenzied attack.

The body of victim Pedro Federico Zarate was reportedly found at the couple's flat in Altos de San Lorenzo with a knife embedded in his eye.

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Amado Cattaneo – who works as a psychologist – was arrested on Thursday, January 11, after arriving at her mother's house "with bloodstains on her hands", her sister told local media.

Her husband's body was found by his sister-in-law on the bed in the apartment that he shared with his wife and five-year-old son.

Zarate had stab wounds "all over his body," including his chest and his genitals were mutilated, according to local media reports.

Video from a local news channel showed the moment when Amado Cattaneo was escorted into a police station by grim-faced officers.

They reported that despite it being a particularly a warm night, the accused woman was wearing a heavy jacket over her dress.

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Amado Cattaneo has been admitted to the psychiatric ward of a medical centre in La Plata, where she will undergo tests. If she is ruled mentally incompetent, it’s unlikely that she will face a trial, according to sources at the Prosecutor's Office.

Pedro, 47, was a trumpet player and a music producer. He had worked at the Estacion Provincial cultural centre in La Plata since 2006.

A native of Cordoba, he had married Amado Cattaneo in 2017 although local sources say they had lived together for around 10 years.

Cattaneo had been employed by the General Directorate of Culture and Education of the Province of Buenos Aires since 2012.


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