Woman hears ‘lost’ cat meowing behind sealed tiles after builder’s blunder

A woman found her missing cat sealed inside a dry wall when she heard it meowing days after a conracter erected the new partition.

Ashlin Hadden, from Noblesville, Indiana, arranged for a contractor to reconstruct a bathroom in her house when she was off on a business trip in New York.

Hadden hired a contractor she was familiar with to enter and leave the property as he pleased because she trusted him.

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Hadden sent her sons to stay with their dad and set up automatic food and water dispensers, as well as litter boxes, for Stripes and Cookie and even told the worker they'd be freely roaming the house.

“I’m a single mom, and I love my bath,” she told TODAY. “So I just wanted a new bathtub, like a taller bathtub, so I could get in the bathtub and actually be under the water.”

But what transpired was that instead of returning home to a relaxing soak in the tub, she had to punch through drywall to save her cat.

“As I’m sitting here trying to figure out where my cat is, I can hear the cat crying from somewhere in here,” Hadden says in a TikTok video, viewed more than 2.6 million times.

She said her quiet cat Cookie was very vocal when she got home, which is unusual. In addition, she could hear Stripes – but not see him.

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"I’m like, ‘Man, what’s going on?’ And, ‘Did you guys run out of food?’” she said. “I’m upstairs, and I’m looking around and hear him meow, and I’m like, 'Oh my God. He’s behind the wall.'”

She got a drywall-cutting tool from a neighbour and was cutting into the surface when she heard that cat cry and, fearing that she was hurting him, punched through the wall instead.

“I love our pets. They’re like children to me," she said, adding that the "shaken up" pussy was fine after a quick visit to the vets.

“He’s gotten lots of hugs and kisses and snuggles, and he’s kind of a different cat," she said. "He’s been really, really sweet and loving — probably because he was scared. He’s like, ‘I saw the light, and you saved me.’”

She has since used a cat-sitter when she's went off on business.


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