Woman horrified by killer Santa Claus who hid 7 bodies in her plant pots

A woman was horrified to find that her gardener, who doubled as a shopping centre Santa Claus, was a serial killer and had buried his victims in her plant pots.

The green-thumbed murderer Bruce McArthur, 70, had been leaving disembodied bits and pieces of his victims in the plant pots of a woman without her knowing.

McArthur, who murdered eight men and hid their bodies inside plant pots that he would rearrange, preyed on the men of Gay Village, in the Canadian city Montreal, and got away with his horrific crimes for seven years, The Mirror reported.

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His string of disturbing murders in Canada marked a series of grim trophies discovered by police after the uncovered the chilling evidence that led to McArthur's arrest.

All but one of McArthur's victims, who he photographed before their death and kept in a photo album, were found partially buried and dismembered in plant pots.

After murdering eight people, McArthur had "developed such confidence" for his sick killings, preying on those who "he thought wouldn't be missed", documentarian and journalist Mobeen Azhar said.

Speaking of Karen Fraser and Ron Smith's horrifying discovery in their plant pots, Azhar described how they hired murderer McArthur as a "landscape gardener", who kept some equipment on their property.

Azhar said: "He used to sit and eat lunch with the plant pots around him, I know from the court document that he would rearrange the body parts around him.

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"There was a litany of bizarre rituals that this man was involved in, Karen and Ron I don't think will ever get over this stuff. I think he hid them there because he had access to tools and other people's gardens, there's a distance there.

"He lived in an apartment and he didn't have a garden, he didn't want to dump them in a swamp or a field.

"Burying them in plant pots he has a reason to be there, one of the most horrible things is one of these men had worked in these gardens with them because he was one of his assistants. He ended up in one of the gardens he worked in."

Speaking of the horror killings, Karen said: "He murdered most of the men in his apartment and put them in plant pots in my garden. I could describe how I felt by using the words that you expect.

"Words like devastated, upset, shocked, betrayed, horrified. All are true and at first, I used them when asked how I felt but I knew that they didn't come close to describing my feelings."

McArthur was jailed in 2019 after pleading guilty to eight charges of first degree murder.

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