Woman maxes out Tesco pump £99 limit and still hasn’t finishing filling up

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While the everyone in the UK recoils in horror at the prices of petrol, one woman has managed to spend so much on fuel that the petrol station maxed out.

Donna May Beatty posted on Twitter how she had gone to fill up her car at a local Tesco pump yesterday.

But she required so much fuel that the pump's £99 limit actually maxed and she had to fill her car up “multiple times”.

The Daily Star has reached out to the woman to find out what car she has that requires so much fuel, but she tweeted: “@Tesco any chance of the filling station pay at pump £99 limit being increased?

“I’ve not even filled my car up.

“It’s kinda stupid to have to pay multiple times for one visit and banks don’t like multiples of the same thing with more fraud.”

She ended her tweet with a facepalming monkey emoji.

She posted a photo of the pump screen, which showed she was filled up with diesel, priced at an eye-watering 173.9p per litre, and she had so far put 56.92 litres of the fuel in.

Tesco did respond to the woman on Twitter, asking for more feedback about the issue, which she replied that she would do.

The pump also showed that petrol was being priced at that particular forecourt at 163.9p, while Momentum petrol was 170.9p per litre.

The Daily Star has reached out to Tesco for a comment.

As we reported earlier this week, with petrol and diesel prices hitting a record high due to the crisis in Ukraine, millions of Brits are feeling their household expenses increase.

And, for a lot of people it’s becoming unaffordable – meaning some may have to choose between filling up the car and topping up the gas or electricity meter.

The average cost of a litre of petrol at forecourts around the UK went up to 152.20p last week and as such drivers are looking to cut down on their fuel use.

And, one great way of slashing the cost of your tank is to find the cheapest petrol station near where you live or work.

Luckily, a clever bargain hunter on Facebook shared just how to do that without wasting petrol by driving around to check.

She said: "Okay seen this online thought it might help a few people out. If you go onto confused.com and type in your postcode it’ll give you the cheapest fuel prices in your area."

The site also shows you how much you could save by visiting each forecourt and when the station’s price list was last updates.

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