Woman strips naked in public saying ‘I’ve trimmed my bush, now trim yours’

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A woman is protesting in the buff to force her local council to make an overgrown and narrow footpath beside a busy road safer.

Jill White from Chard, Somerset stood in her birthday suit with placards covering her privates in plain sight of motorists cruising past between Chard and Tatworth, on Thursday (July 14).

The signs read: “I’ve trimmed my bush, now Highways trim yours”, Somerset Live reports.

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White’s protest took place on the hottest day of the year so far and while her methods may have been extreme they appear to have worked.

Two local county councillors have confirmed that Somerset County Council's highways department will begin to clear the hedges along the footpath next week.

White, who is a wheelchair user, told Somerset Live that her protest came out of frustration that the path had not been made safe despite repeated requests by her and others.

She said: "After repeatedly requesting that the footpath from Tatworth to Chard be passable for pedestrians, wheelchair users and pushchairs, and after [the council's] inaction I decided to have my own personal, light-hearted protest.

“I've been requesting it for nearly two years. We have a fuel crisis and a poor bus service, so people are having to walk.

"We're coming into the school holidays, and an accident will happen."

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Both county councillors for the Chard South division – who were elected in May – have confirmed separately that the footpath would be cleared and the offending hedges within a matter of days.

Councillor Connor Payne – the Conservatives' opposition spokesman for the environment and climate change – shared an email exchange with one of the county council's highway officers on social media.

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Derek Davies, the council's assistant highways service manager, stated in an email: "We are currently in discussions with our contractors regarding obtaining resource to enable the works to remove the vegetation from the foot-ways to be carried out.

"In the meantime, we will intervene and carry out a safety cut of the hedges. It is hope that this will be done early next week."

Liberal Democrat councillor Jason Baker added: "There has been a work order raised and I am now chasing a date for the work to be completed. We need to ensure that the path is cleared as well as the undergrowth being cut."

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