Woman swims for an hour and risks tiger and crocodile attacks to get to wedding

A woman from Bangladesh hiked through a forest known for its fierce tiger population before swimming along a crocodile-infested river for an hour to be reunited with the love of her life.

Krishna Mandal met an Indian man, named Abhik, though Facebook, and the two fell in love.

The couple planned to meet and marry but Krishna, 22, doesn’t have a passport, reports India Today.

But Krishna decided that wasn’t going to stop her getting married and she hatched a plan to try to enter India illegally.

According to police sources, Krishna first hiked through the Sundarbans, a treacherous swampy forest that has seen numerous deadly tiger attacks.

Then she swam for an hour in the Matla river, where saltwater crocodiles are known to lie in wait for birds, mammals and the occasional human.

But impressively, Krishna survived her ordeal and on Saturday (May 28) she married Abhik at Kalighat Temple in Kolkata, formerly Calcutta.

Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end quite there. The story of Krishna’s epic journey was widely discussed across the South 24 Parganas of Bengal and word reached the local police.

Krishna was arrested on Monday (May 30) for illegally entering the country.

It’s not the first tale of an epic voyage in the Bay of Bengal this year.

A bloke who hadn’t seen his wife for two years due to Covid travel restrictions decided to paddle over a thousand miles in an inflatable rubber dinghy so they could be reunited.

Ho Hoang Hung set off from Thailand’s holiday island of Phuket in the small rubber boat on March 5, carrying small amount of food and water but no GPS or even a map.

A fishing boat spotted the devoted husband on Wednesday near the Similan Islands, about 50 miles off the Thai coast, and reported the sighting to the authorities.

Ho, 37, was picked up by the Thai navy’s maritime security unit. He told them strong headwinds had made his progress across the Bay of Bengal slower than expected. To complete the entire journey from Phuket to Mumbai at the pace he was going could have taken him two years.

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