Woman who made child eat their own vomit has jail sentence quadrupled

A callous couple who inflicted appalling punishments on three children in their care have had their "lenient" jail sentences extended by the Court of Appeal.

One of the youngsters – a girl – was made to eat her own vomit off the floor after she was unable to finish her dinner and had been sick on the floor.

And all three were repeatedly slapped and scrubbed until they bled, reports Teesside Live.

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Lorna Dennington, 47, was originally given a 12-month sentence in September for her treatment of the victims, who are now adults.

Her husband Christopher was handed the same prison term for doing nothing to intervene.

The 50-year-old was also found to have spent all but £1,000 of the £58,000 left to one boy after his father had died.

But, after the case was referred to the Court of Appeal under the unduly lenient sentence scheme, Lorna's stay behind bars was increased to four years and 10 months and Christopher's to six years.

Teesside Crown Court previously heard how the mother hit the children if they did not complete chores to her standards.

The three victims, who were placed in the care of the Denningtons for 20 years, endured endless violence.

When one boy arrived home with wet trousers after playing in a river, Lorna Dennington was so angry she pushed him into a bath and ran the shower head in his face, saying: "If you want to be in a river, try this!"

The court heard that the boy struggled to breathe while the water was sprayed at him.

She later threw a baseball at him.

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A young girl was also pulled out of her bunk bed by her hair by Lorna Dennington, who then pulled her by the hair all the way down the stairs because she had got her hair cut when visiting her mother.

The Denningtons, from Darlington, both pleaded guilty to three counts of child cruelty, with Christopher also admitting one count of fraud.

After the original sentencing, one of their victims told Teesside Live he couldn't believe the 12-month jail terms, saying: "It was serious child abuse that went on for years and years. School saw my injuries, but when social services came round, Lorna would stand over me.

"I knew I would get a beating when the lady had gone if I said anything. Social services let me down; my biological mum let me down; and now the courts have let me down.

"I know it sounds nasty but I hope someone makes them eat off the floor and scrubs her with a scourer in the shower until she bleeds – just like she did to us. I will never recover from the beatings and the emotional abuse.

"Lorna made us feel worthless, like we were nothing. Chris was just as bad. But Lorna is evil. Plain evil."


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