Woman’s chilling grin in mugshot after arrest for Molotov cocktail attack

A woman who allegedly wounded three people in a Molotov cocktail attack has been named and pictured following the attack.

Fatima Ibrahim is accused of carrying out the attack in South Auckland, New Zealand, and appeared at Manukau District Court yesterday (Thursday, March 10), over the sickening attack.

She is charged with threatening to kill one woman, assault with a Molotov cocktail of another woman, and causing grievous bodily harm to a third person.

The defendant lost her interim name suppression, meaning that New Zealand media were able to name her. Her mugshot has been released – where she sports a chilling cheesy grin.

One person was critically injured and taken to a nearby following the incident in November, while two others received minor burn injuries in the attacks last November.

The defendant, 32, was known to the victims and was reported to be in a relationship with one of the women who was hurt, NZ Herald reports.

A police spokesperson told the New Zealand publication: "A Molotov cocktail was allegedly produced by one party and in the course of the altercation three people received burn injuries."

Ibrahim was granted a continuation of her bail conditions and is due to appear in Papakura District Court again in May of this year.

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During a court appearance in November, which was held virtually due to strict Covid restrictions in the Pacific nation, Ibrahim had a tearful outburst and disputed the allegations, claiming the police had arrested the wrong person.

"I'm all bruised up," she said at the end of the hearing.

"How could I be the criminal in this situation?

"I'm not the person who did all this."

A Molotov cocktail is a handheld bottle firebomb that can cause serious injury to victims.

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