Woman’s nose rots after ‘botched’ fillers in ‘biggest mistake of her life’

A woman's nose started rotting after getting 'botched' fillers at a 'celeb practice'.

Were it not for the rescue job of another doctor, Saba Noor says she could have been left with life-changing injuries following the excruciating pain she suffered after a nightmare filler procedure.

The 23-year-old, from Manchester, said: "I think it was the biggest mistake of my life."

Saba claims that after a lot of research, she booked non-surgical rhinoplasty on her nose at MCR Asthetics which has over 200,000 Instagram followers and boasts of celebrity clients.

She told the ECHO : "Online they had a massive Instagram following and celebrity clients, so I thought it was a reasonable place to go and they knew what they were doing."

However following the procedure, Saba said she had concerns as she was "in and out" and had "bruised a lot".

And since visiting a doctor she was told the dermal filler had left her with a vascular occlusion that started to eat away at her skin.

After only a few hours, the skin had started to break down and showed initial stages of necrosis – skin death. It was also creating a blockage to a blood vessel.

Saba said: "My nose was all swollen and bruised and the person who administered the filling said it was fine, she said that can happen and you can bruise.

"The following morning it was a lot less bruised, but really swollen. I again called back that day and was told it's normal, it will go down.

"The day after I had a scar on my nose, it was like a graze and all yellow inside. It looked as though it was cut.

"I tried contacting the clinic but they wouldn't get back to me."

She added: "It was so painful. Every time I put my head down it felt like there was so much weight, it was such a pressure point.

"It was so uncomfortable and it was really sore. Even sat down it was as if it was tingling."

Dr Yusra Al-Mukhtar, who has clinics in Merseyside and Liverpool, stepped in to help Saba for free and on her day off as she felt she had a duty of care to her, because of the dangerous situation she was left in.

Dr Yusra said if Saba was left untreated, this would have resulted in the spread of "full-on necrosis and permanent scarring of the nose."

Saba said: "I don't think words could even be enough to thank her, I don't think I could do anything that would be enough.

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"They just did so much, they went above and beyond. What they did was just amazing and I could never thank them enough."

Saba is now doing well and is recovering following her ordeal and has encouraged others to go to a doctor for any procedures.

A spokesperson for MCR Asthetics said: "We take what we do seriously and value every one of our clients – as such, we would investigate any feedback in relation to our services fully.

"We are one of the country’s leading aesthetics clinics and are rigorous in ensuring that each member of our team receives the highest level of training and that all procedures are carried out to our exacting standards.

"We would invite the client to contact us direct, following which we will deal with the matter in accordance with our established policies and procedures.

"We are not prepared to comment on any allegations further at this stage."

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