Women are scared of sex because they are watching too much raunchy content

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Young women are ruining their sex lives by watching too much porn, health experts warn.

Female 20-somethings are increasingly nervous in the nude because they don’t look like porn stars, doctors and therapists claim.

It can be severe enough to leave them in pain when they can’t relax with their lovers.

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Data from PornHub – the UK’s most popular adult website – shows more than a third of its 15million monthly visitors are female.

Some fans like Kristel Koppers, 29, find their private hobby becomes an addiction.

The recruitment consultant said: “I couldn’t concentrate on anything because I’d have sexual images flashing through my head all the time.

“It made sex an anxious time, which meant I tensed up and ended up in pain throughout.”

At the same time, recent studies show women aged 18 to 24 are getting 20% less nookie than a decade ago.

Many experts blame the porn industry for robbing them of healthy sex lives.

Psychotherapist Anastasia Sprout said: “Pornography has gone from something that was considered naughty to the norm among young people. It’s almost as if women are seen as sexually empowered and confident if they like it.”

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Laura Jarvis, an NHS sexual health doctor in Tayside, Scotland, said the “extreme” nature of modern porn left many young women terrified of sex.

She added: “Women who watch it a lot become worried about the way their bodies look or perform sexually because they’re making constant comparisons.

“Often they don’t want to do what they think is expected of them, because it is painful or just isn’t pleasurable for them. This all leads to overwhelming anxiety and a sense of dread about sex.”

The British Medical Journal has blamed porn for a rise in infections and injuries caused by women taking part in risky sex acts.

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