World to see ‘blood moon’ return in last total lunar eclipse until 2025

This week will see a blood moon light up the night sky.

On Tuesday, skywatchers on four continents will have the chance to catch the last total lunar eclipse for three years, as the moon turns blood red before slipping into the Earth's shadow.

According to NASA, it will be the final total eclipse until March 14, 2025.

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The celestial show will be visible to viewers in North and Central America, Asia, Australia, the Pacific Islands and parts of South America.

The eclipse will begin at 3.02am EST, which is 7.02am in the UK and November's full moon will reach its peak on Tuesday 8 at 11.02am across Britain.

An eclipse of the Moon occurs when the Earth lies directly between the sun and the moon, meaning the moon lies in the shadow of the Earth.

Royal Museums Greenwich explained: “For a total lunar eclipse to happen, all three bodies – the Sun, the Earth and the Moon – lie in a straight line. This means that the Moon passes through the darkest part of the Earth’s shadow – the umbra."

As the moon slips into Earth’s shadow, it will first dim and darken before turning a reddish hue. Across the United States, the period known as totality — when the moon is fully engulfed in Earth’s shadow — will be visible for almost an hour and a half.

As the partial eclipse progresses, it will look like a bite is being taken out of the lunar disk, according to NASA.

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Unfortunately, the total lunar eclipse will not be visible from the UK skies.

However, many organisations will show live streams of the eclipse on social media and YouTube – If you search “lunar eclipse live” on YouTube on the day of the event, you should be able to find plenty of streams.

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