World’s poshest cat named after Queen roams hotel grander than Buckingham Palace

A Siberian cat who has free roam of a pricey London hotel may just be the poshest feline in the world.

Little Lilibet, who turns three later this month, was named after her royal neighbour the Queen and reportedly lives in even grander luxury.

The Lanesborough hotel on London's Hyde Park corner boasts suites that can set guests back up to a jaw-dropping £27,000 per night.

Luckily for Lilibet however, her stay has been free of charge and all inclusive since Oetker Collection Hotels snapped her up as a kitten from a breeder in England.

Their first task was to name her.

The hotel's Jo Stevenson told the Daily Star: "Lilibet's name was chosen by the cat committee – as the Queen is our adjacent neighbour to The Lanesborough, we thought it a befitting name to call her after the Queens childhood nick name.

"And Lilibet is the Queen of The Lanesborough."

Jo admitted the team were surprised Prince Harry and Meghan Markle went down the same route of naming their second child Lilibet but "Lilibet says she was here first".

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Lilibet may be the queen of the prestigious hotel, but she has to put up with other furry pets accompanying their owners at they stay in the city.

Guests can incredibly order room service from a pet food menu where each meaty dish costs a cool £18.

According to Jo, Lilibet is fine with most animals except for just one particular breed of dog.

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She said: "Lilibet welcomes all our regular guests, visiting guests to our outlets, and as we are cat and dog friendly have a regular fellow fury friends visiting – there is one breed she is not keen on and that is French Bull Dogs – she becomes very feisty when she sees this breed for some reason."

Lilibet has far fewer problems however with the rich and famous who see The Lanesborough as something of a second home.

In fact Jo said some guests come to the hotel specifically to meet the cat after seeing her on Instagram but finding her is easier said than done so the team have come up with a solution

"Lilibet has total freedom to go anywhere in the hotel with the exception of our main restaurant," Jo said.

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"We have a cat committee at The Lanesborough – but we all take care of her – there is a Whatsapp group and we have a tracker on her so if she does go missing we can find her."

If there was any cat out there worthy of Lilibet's affection, apparently it is Socrates at The Lanesborough's sister hotel.

Jo added: "They haven’t met yet but there will be a Eurostar moment I am sure in the future."

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