Young mum found dead by four-year-old daughter who thought she was ‘sleeping’

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A young mum with epilepsy, who was "happy to help anybody", was found by her four-year-old daughter after she died at home.

The little girl, Miley, thought her mum, 23-year-old Beckka Hull from Cardiff, was "sleeping" on the morning of Bank Holiday Monday, January 3.

Miley then used Beckka's phone to video-call her dad, Beckka's ex-partner, who rushed over with his current partner to help, but despite their best efforts they were unable to revive her.

It is believed she passed away a while before anyone arrived, writes WalesOnline.

Though the cause of Beckka's death has not yet been confirmed, her mum, Rachael, said she believed her epilepsy medication may have failed to be delivered the weekend before she died and she thought this might have been "one of the factors" in her death.

The 43-year-old has set up a GoFundMe page to allow the family to celebrate her life, as well as start a trust fund for Miley. She is also calling for greater awareness of the importance of taking preventative medication for epilepsy.

Mum Rachael described Beckka as a "quiet child" growing up, who came out of her shell in her teenage years and "really enjoyed being around and helping other people".

She said: "If she could help somebody she would. She would give them her last fiver – she was happy to help anybody."

When Beckka was 14, she was diagnosed with epilepsy and was given medication for it. Even though Rachael herself has had two seizures in the past, she admitted seeing it happen to her own daughter was "struggle".

Rachael added: "We don't know what time she passed, or the cause of her death. But her four-year-old daughter found her 'sleeping', as she describes."

"She video-called her dad off her mum's mobile at 8am, and said: 'Dad, mummy's fast asleep and I can't wake her'. As soon as her dad realised the situation, he and his partner flew down to the flat as fast as they could. They phoned an ambulance on the way."

Miley was removed from the room as soon as the couple arrived and remained in a neighbour's house.

Paramedics did not attempt to resuscitate Beckka as they said there was nothing more that could be done.

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