Young mum shot dead as she left party ‘killed by pal mucking about with pistol’

The mystery of a young mum who was shot and killed as she left a party has been solved after the person responsible turned himself in.

Janaina Silva Barrozo was killed by a bullet that entered her back and lodged in her heart as she left a party in a rural suburb of the Brazilian city of Cuiaba in the early hours of Sunday, 3rd October.

The young woman was leaving the party in a car with her husband and friends when the fatal shot was fired.

Police were unable to determine why anyone would want to shoot the 27-year-old mother until a man, whose name has not been released by police, handed himself in to the police on the advice of his lawyer, Paulo Fabrini, on Wednesday, 6th October.

According to Fabrini, the businessman, who lives in Cuiaba, was trying to remove the magazine from a pistol in the back seat of the car when it went off, hitting the victim in the back.

Her husband and friends drove her to hospital where she succumbed to her injury, but failed to call the police or an ambulance.

The firearm was thrown into an area of woodland before the alleged perpetrator accompanied the police to the scene of the crime and recovered it.

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The police seized the weapon and also the vehicle in which the alleged crime took place as part of the investigation.

Fabrini said his client had bought the pistol for 3,000 Brazilian Reals (just under £400) for self-defence because, he said, he was being threatened over the sale of a car.

He said his client was not drunk at the time of the incident.

The victim's husband, who told the police his wife was hit by a stray bullet fired by an unknown person at the party, will receive a criminal record for perjury, but will not face jail.

The victim, who worked with her husband in air-conditioning maintenance, leaves behind a young daughter.

The investigation is ongoing.

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