‘You’re obsessed with nationality!’ Lamberts explodes live on Sky in vaccine row

Vaccine: Philippe Lamberts clashes with Jayne Secker

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Belgian MEP Philippe Lamberts snapped at Sky News host Jayne Secker as they discussed AstraZeneca’s commitments to supply the EU with their vaccine. Mr Lamberts claimed AstraZeneca was failing to be professional by failing to stick to their contract and supply the EU with enough vaccines. Ms Secker argued why the EU was determined to have the vaccine while some member states have extra stock or have shown scepticism towards having the vaccine.

The Belgian MEP insisted the presenter was “obsessed” with national politics with her comments rather than the public health issues.

Mr Lamberts said: “AstraZeneca sold a house once and then sold it again the day after to someone else.

“You cannot supply both, you cannot commit 100 percent of your production capacity to two different customers.”

Ms Secker interrupted and asked: “Why do you think AstraZeneca has done this?

“Obviously we understand nobody in the world is safe in the world until everybody is vaccinated.

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“It is imperative that these vaccines are distributed around the world to make us all self.

“What would be the point of AstraZeneca intentionally stopping the vaccine from getting to our nearest neighbours?”

After further complaints from the MEP about AstraZeneca’s practice, the Sky News host questioned why the EU desperately wanted the vaccine.

She added: “It sounds to me that you don’t want the AstraZeneca vaccine at all.

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“Why do you want it if it sounds like such a duffer?

“You are making a lot of allegations about a British company and it is a company that has successfully vaccinated a large number of people in the UK.

“There is a lot of research to show the vaccine is safe, I am just pointing this point to you.

“Your ire appears to be that the company is in the UK, you have made the point that the companies that are not in the UK are the ones you don’t have problems with.”

Mr Lamberts smiled and replied: “So basically you feel offended because the company has its roots in the UK, not just in the UK.

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“To me, it is a company, It can be based anywhere I just don’t care.

“You mentioned the country, I didn’t, I mentioned Pfizer, BioNtech, Moderna and AstraZeneca, I never mentioned nationality.

“You seem to be obsessed with that, fine by you if you feel that this is an insult to Britain or the UK that is your liberty to decide.

“I am just saying here is a company that is not delivering according to schedule and now has a track record of bangling up past data.

“These two things point to a company that doesn’t seem to be run the same way that some of their competitors are.”

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