YouTuber arrested after video of him faking suicide goes viral

An Indian YouTuber was arrested and forced to apologise after he faked his own suicide in a chilling video, making his own family believe he was dead.

The content creator, Ifran Khan, 28, pretended to kill himself after he was rejected by his lover, in the video that was shared last week.

The Sun reported that the now-deleted video began with Khan, known on YouTube as Iffy Khan, speaking on the phone to the person who had apparently rejected him.

Via a mix of special effects usage and clever editing, the YouTuber managed to make people, including his own family, believe that he had taken his own life after being hit by a train.

Police were alerted after the video went viral on Twitter and officials reportedly charged Khan for committing an act to endanger the lives of others and himself along with disobedience of order, soon after.

He was also reportedly charged with publishing a statement containing a rumour or alarming news with the intent to incite to commit an offence and also charged under the Indian Railways Act, for nuisance and trespassing.

Speaking to Vice World News, Khan said the video was for 'entertainment purposes,' claiming his intention was “never bad or to encourage people to [die by] suicide."

“People took it the wrong way and thought I was encouraging people to [die by] suicide if a girl rejects them,” he told Vice News.

“But actually, this was only part one of a video series I was making.

“In the second part, I would wake up from my dream and see my parents’ faces, and the message was meant to be motivational and tell people not to [die by] suicide.”

Khan, who issued a public apology, is currently awaiting a court's verdict.

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